LG Titan Pro Washer

A true triple load washer priced lower than competition's double load washers!

Available in pump drain models.

The LG Platinum Commercial Laundry System offers laundries unrivaled energy-efficiency, programmability, installation flexibility and durability. Offering 35 pounds of capacity, LG Titan Pro Washers are configurable to meet the needs of nearly any laundry application.



  • 5.2 cu.ft. Drum Capacity
  • Soft Mount Installation
  • CEE Energy Star Qualified
  • Inverter DirectDrive™ Motor -No Belt, No Pulley
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Atomizing System
  • High Speed Extract
  • Automatic Chemical Injection
  • Oversuds Detection
  • Top Mounted Dispenser (4 compartment)
Specifications and Features :

The Inverter DirectDrive™ technology of an LG Commercial Laundry System is designed to provide the most durable, long-lasting and quiet washers on the market.

Efficient Operation

The Inverter Control and Direct Drive System work together to maximize energy savings. The inverter Control System generates fewer speed fluctuations while using only the necessary amount of electricity throughout the wash cycle while maintaining optimum performance. Meanwhile, the Direct Drive Systems delivers power directly to the tub from the motor minimizing energy loss.

Combined rotation and weight center

The motor is directly attached to the center of the drum. This allows for increased stability, minimal vibration, less noise- no frictional noise, increased durability, no wear out and fewer parts- the belt and pulley have been removed.

Reliable System

By eliminating the belt and pulley found in conventional washer motors, LG's Direct Drive system increases the motor's stability and lessons vibrations. This gives Direct Drive increased durability which translates to lower maintainance costs.

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LG is the most recognized brand in the United States and voted #1 in FRONT LOAD laundry equipment 5 years running

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