Fire Gear Drying Cabinet

B & C Drying Cabinets

Europeans have been using drying cabinets for over fifty years both professionally and domestically as a complement to standard tumbling clothes dryers. Now available in the Americas, drying cabinets are proving to be indespensable for goods that can not be traditionally dried.

The drying cabinet dries efficiently without mechanical action at exactly the right temperature and humidity. Studies show that 20-30% of garments worn daily should not be tumble dried as many show a do not tumble symbol on the care label. A drying cabinet is ideal for articles not suitable for tumble dryers as well as special processes like wetcleaning. Gentle drying action leads directly to longer fabric life, as the goods are not tumbling against each other or against the drying cylinder.

Drying cabinets have a much longer life span than conventional tumble dryers due to very few moving parts. B&C drying cabinets feature sturdy construction and excellent engineering which leads to extended machine life. New controls and fan systems have made the cabinets highly energy efficient, creating lower energy costs.

Flat packaging saves shipping costs and reduces shipping damage. Manual or automatic drying modes with accurate temperature sensing and our unique humidity tracking system (HTS) prevents over drying and saves energy. Underpressure drying technology creates a partial vacuum by utilizing three fans which speeds drying time and lowers energy costs.

B&C Technologies has a exceptional line of professional drying cabinets designed for many different markets and custom marketplaces. The combination of decades of experience and our new technology makes our drying cabinets an excellent alternative and complement to tumble dryers.


TS Series Drying Cabinet

Drying Cabinets for Efficient Hang Drying of Delicate Garments that should not be Tumble Dried. Perfect for Drycleaners, Wetcleaners, Theaters, Ski Resorts, Daycare Centers and more.


  • 20 and 32 pound capacities
  • Swing out hanging rails with 50 and 90 feet of hanging length
  • Optional single hanging bar
  • High temperature programs, up to 195F, greatly reduce bacterial contaminants and allergens
  • Electric heating
  • Microprocessor control with manual and automatic modes


FC Series Fireman's PPE Cabinet

Large Sized Drying Cabinet for Efficient Hang Drying of Firehouse Turnout Gear and Protective Overalls, Gloves, Boots, Masks, and other Station Wear as well as Wet Suits and Dry Suits.


  • Dries 6 sets of turnout gear
  • Specially designed for drying heavy duty overalls
  • 6 ventilated hangers that help dry from the inside
  • Meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards
  • 9 available drying programs
  • Extends the life of zippers and protective tape
  • Optional hangers for boots and gloves

Firefighters risk their lives every day and depend on their fire gear to protect them against the demanding and dangerous environment in which they work. The last thing they need about is their firefighter’s turnout gear. This is Why ADC, the world leader in drying is offering the ADFG drying cabinet, designed specifically for drying firefighter turnout gear.

Unlike a traditional tumble dryer that may not be able to effectively dry these heavier, bulkier garments, the ADFG Drying Cabinet allows for gear to be hung inside so warm air can circulate through pants, gloves and boots. This ensures that all items are dried, avoiding any water getting trapped in seams or pockets. This guarantees the firefighters Comfort and prolongs the life of their equipment.


Standard Features:

  • Red or White Cabinet
  • 5 Sets of Gear
  • 5 Removable Coat and pants
  • Hangers
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Independent Heating and Fan Systems
  • Directed Air flow
  • Solid Construction
  • Drainage Basin


  • Red or White Cabinet
  • 6 Sets of Gear
  • 6 Removable Coat and pants Hangers
  • Self-Diagnostic Microprocessor Control
  • Independent Heating and Fan Systems
  • Directed Air flow
  • Solid Construction
  • Drainage Basin

  • Optional Features
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Glove Hanger
  • Adjustable Single Shelf

american dryer corporation adh 120

The ADH-120 HEPA/ULPA is our 38.2 cu. Ft, 120-lb capacity dryer designed for clean room applications. It is equipped with high efficiency and ultra high efficiency particle accumulator filtering systems. This provides the most advanced contamination control available. The unit features a stainless steel basket and support assembly, a stainless steel front, base, and outer drum, as well as stainless filter housing. Hi temperature/hi-pressure monitors ensure precision drying.