Card Systems

No more quarters, no more coin hassles- it's a whole new world of laundry payment systems.

We connect you with the most advanced technology on the market today for coin-operated laundry, route, apartments, dormitories and other vending applications new ESD MoneyCard, or upgrade your existing system!

Your customers will never go back to coin operated laundry...It's sophisticated appearance and simple operation will enhance any laundry! Card systems are as easy to use as an ATM and as fast as paying at the pump for gas. Also, card systems are made for any brand of commercial laundry equipment and for many types of vending, arcade, and other vended machines so you can convert your existing coin-operated business into a card-operated business!

Card System Features will dramatically increase the comfort and satisfaction level of everyone using the system:

  • User Convenience - No more searching through pockets for change.
  • Reduced Vandalism - No cash in the machines is a turn off for thieves.
  • Reduced Fraud - Customers can no longer use slugs or other methods to get a free wash.
  • Flexible Pricing - A card system can increase pricing by pennies as well as offer time of day discounts.
  • Maximum Accountability - Detailed audit reports with the ease of a computer.
  • Ease of Collection and safety - Collections take minutes not hours, and with the Diamond Center you no longer need to have cash on the premises.
  • Customer Loyalty -With value left on the card and the ease of use, the end user has no choice but to come back to your store.
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