When you choose SaveMore Commercial Laundry Equipment, you get a total solution including the most suitable commercial equipment and full support for your business. For On-Premise Laundry facilities, we analyze the main components of your laundry operation: equipment, labor and utilities. ADC and LG’s Commercial Laundry Systems are the most innovative and highest-rated energy efficiency on the market today.

Did you know that residential laundry equipment warranties are void for coverage when used in an industrial or commercial setting? Don’t let this happen to your business! With LG Commercial Laundry, you get Quiet Efficiency with Commercial Warranty available in side-by-side or stacked models. Contact us today!

More Affordable

Avoid cross-contamination with our Fire Station Package which includes one Titan PRO with 33 pound capacity for turnout gear, one Giant-C Plus with 22 pound capacity for bedding, mops and personal clothing, and a Turn-Out Gear Drying Cabinet for less than the competitor’s soft-mount machines and tumbler.

Fully Programmable

Water temperature and extract speeds can be custom-programmed to stay within the NFPA and FEMSA requirements. Both the Titan PRO and Giant-C Plus have all the bells & whistles you enjoy with features you need. LG Commercial Laundry Systems has a large capacity for its small footprint of space making washing convenient.

Automatic Chemical Injection

With automatic chemical injection, the Titan PRO washer disperses the right type and amount of detergents with every wash. This makes for a more effective decontamination process without damage to protective fabrics of your turnout gear.